Alcohol & Drug Testing

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CMI- Intoxilyzer S-D5, with LED Display

CMI’s Automatic sampling and an easy-to-read LED display makes the S-D5 the new choice for fast, reliable handheld testing! So small but yet so useful! The Intoxilyzer S-D5’s automatic sampling makes using it a snap.


CMI – S-D2/S-D5 Disposable Mouthpieces

CMI, S-D5 / S-D2 Mouth Pieces, Bag of 250.


CMI Alcoblow

CMI’s new handheld non-quantitative screener that is particularly useful in zero tolerance environments! The AlcoBlow can be blown into directly or used in a passive mode to sample for alcohol in the space directly above a beverage.


CMI- Intoxilyzer S-D2, with LCD Display

CMI’s Intoxilyzer S-D2 is a basic handheld screener that can be used for law enforcement or workplace testing. It uses an electrochemical fuel cell to gauge alcohol concentration. The Intoxilyzer S-D2 is backed by CMI’s factory service and support.