About Us

On-Duty Depot is one of the largest suppliers of quality, innovative products from some of the top names of manufacturers in the Public Vehicle Safety business. We offer services to Law Enforcement, Military, Fire Departments, Utility Companies, The Department of Transportation, Security, Industrial Divisions and other First Responder Agencies.

On-Duty Depot was founded in 2008 as a retail chain solution to service and sell equipment to individuals and emergency, safety, and transportation fleets. Founded by MPD Incorporated, the company’s solutions range from expert technical installations, professional services, and products like light bars, sirens, flashing/warning lights, anti-theft systems, equipment consoles, LED flares, laptop mounts, video surveillance, night vision, security, window and door protection, push bumpers, trunk trays,duty gear, video equipment, radars, breathalyzers, spike strips and much more.On-Duty Depot is a sister company to MPH Industries Inc., a leading manufacturer of speed measurement and mobile video equipment and CMI Inc., which is a leading manufacturer of breath alcohol testing equipment. On-Duty Depot, along with MPH is 100% employee owned, with a unique commitment to customer satisfaction. We take pride in “Keeping You Safe”.



  • Highest quality products from the leading manufacturers in one convenient place to shop.
  • We stand behind our products and services. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied.
  • We know our stuff – our company is part of MPD, Inc., a leading manufacturer of radars and breathalyzer products.
  • We are the fastest growing duty gear retail specialist with both online and in-store retail locations.